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Analyst: TV market boosted by lockdown western consumers - Advanced TV / Futuresource Consulting (Dec. 16, 2020)


Global UHD TV shipments pass 200MN mark - Strategy Analytics

Global Markets for 4K UHD Technologies Exploding: $80.6 Billion Gain in 5 Years - BCC Research

4K Ultra HD: For the first time, 4K TVs will make up half of all total digital displays sold in 2018, with unit sales forecast to hit 22 million units (27 percent increase) generating $15.9 billion in revenue (14 percent increase). - CTA

"More than 66 per cent of 40”+ displays bought in China are now UHD, and represent 50 per cent of sales in the US and Europe." - IHS Technology

IHS says that China will be buying 50 million UHD units in 2021 helped by falling prices, and the trend is increasingly towards larger screen sizes. IHS Technology

Western Europe will buy 19 million UHD units 2021. IHS Technology

IHS expects HD to stop being supported on 50 inch TVs beyond 2018. IHS Technology 

The global 4K TV market is expected to reach USD 380.9 billion by 2025 - Research and Markets

6 in 10 4K TV homes have fast enough Internet speeds to stream 4K video. The growth in 4K TV sales and fixed broadband speeds enabled this audience to grow from only 2.4 million homes one year ago... And the projections for the next few years, well, that chart looks like a hockey stick." - npd Group

Verizon Teams with SES on Ultra HD Trial - Multichannel News

“Incredible” uptake of 4K displays - IHS

Why Mass Adoption of 4K UHD TVs Will Force Pay TV Providers to Make Infrastructure Changes - CED

34 million total 4K TVs will have been sold by end of 2017, representing about 1 in 4 American TV households with a 4K TV - USA Today

TV makers will emphasize 4K in 2017, with 4K TVs making up more than 40% of TVs shipped in North America this year. In 2016, 4K accounted for 27% of TVs shipped. - USA Today

Americans love their TV, and they *really* love 4K - USA Today

4K TV Adoption Outpacing HDTV Transition - Consumer Technology Association

4K TV on threshold of mass-market, says report - NPD Group Connected Intelligence Home Entertainment Report

4K adoption and content head towards critical mass US Consumer Technology Association (CTA) 

“There’s no doubt that 4K is going to happen.” -

“TV has been forever changed by 4K,” said Bartek Gudowski, chief technology officer, MTG Broadcasting. - Advanced Television

4K Technology Market worth $102.1 Billion by 2020 -

189 Million to use 4K OTT services by 2021 - Juniper Research

Consumers Will Pay More for 4K UHD Content - irdeto

First Cable Trials of Ultra HD Linear TV Channels Launch in U.S. - Variety

Nearly 50% of US Homes Will Own a 4K TV by 2020 -

Shipments of 4K Ultra HD TVs grew 633% in 2014 to reach 12.1 million units with Asia Pacific accounting for 75% followed by North America (12%) and Western Europe (11%)-

Global shipments of Ultra HD TVs will more than double in 2015 to 27.5 million units and more than 100 million will be shipping annually by 2018. -

60% of all Ultra HD TVs shipped globally in 2014 were 50-inch or larger in size, while a quarter of all 50-inch and larger TVs that shipped were Ultra HD. -

4K Standard At New Vikings Stadium -

Holiday 4K TV Sales to Top 4.5 million, totaling 10 million for 2016, up 40% from 2015 - Consumer Technology Association (CTA)