Welcome to 4KUniverse

Our History


January 2014 - "4K" becomes a buzzword within the international TV community during CES (Consumer Electronics Show) then at NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives)


Research & Development


January 2016 - 4KUniverse, Inc. is incorporated and is founded by movie/tv distribution executive & entrepreneur Matthew Mancinelli
March 2016 - 4KUNIVERSE is announced publicly via an exclusive Variety article
April 2016 - 4KUNIVERSE schedules first original 4K series, Model Turned Superstar, an 18-episode model competition series featuring Supermodel guest judges Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk and Ana Beatriz Barros
July 2016 - Former HBO and E! channel executive Mitchell Berman becomes a key strategic advisor
October 2016 - 4KUNIVERSE streams FREE 4K clips & episodes on Roku 4K devices to establish brand exposure
December 2016 - 4KUNIVERSE joins SES's Ultra HD satellite neighborhood


February 2017 - The 4KUniverse Cable TV channel broadcasts LIVE 24/7 via satellite delivery for the first time.
April 3, 2017 - 4KUniverse's cable guide is LIVE across all U.S. cable operators 
May 1, 2017 - 4KUNIVERSE cable channel launches on first 4K-equipped cable operators in the U.S., Highlands Cable Group (North Carolina) and Marquette-Adams (Wisconsin), becoming the first 24/7 4K Ultra HD general entertainment TV channel in America
May 5, 2017 - 4KUNIVERSE launches its 4K OTT SVOD app on Amazon Fire TV as a trial, then removes it one month later.
May 29, 2017 - 4KUNIVERSE airs Red Bull's 4K BMX documentary Kaleidoscope starring Kriss Kyle at 7pm ET
June 2017 - 4KUNIVERSE airs new 10-episode underwater 4K series Blue World Thursday nights at 7pm ET
July 2017 -  1 Million Minutes of 4KUNIVERSE Programming Have Streamed On Roku Devices in 4K
November 2017 - 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K cable channel launches in Alaska (KPU)
December 6, 2017 - 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K linear channel launches on Swisscom in Switzerland


January 2018 - 4KUNIVERSE Adds HDR Support for 4K Linear, OTT

February 2018 - 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K linear channel launches in Tennessee (Jackson Energy)

March 2018 - 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K linear channel launches in Mexico (WhereverTV)

November 2018 - 4KUNIVERSE launches on HOTBIRD over Europe, Middle East and North Africa


January 2019 - 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K HDR linear TV channel launches on Ooredoo in Qatar

March 2019 - 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K HDR linear TV channel launches on Etisalat across Middle East and North Africa

September 2019 - 4KUNIVERSE is LIVE over Asia-Pacific and announced a multi-year satellite capacity agreement with AsiaSat 9. 

October 2019

- 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K HDR Linear TV channel becomes available on POST in Luxembourg

- 4KUNIVERSE's 24-hour 4K HDR Linear TV channel becomes available on Tivusat in Italy 


March 2020 through December 2020 - Global pandemic, economy shut off to slow the spread of COVID-19, quarantine for 10 months, civil & racial unrest, citizens with a U.S. Passport are not allowed into Canada, Europe, and many other countries due to America's infection rate, and the stock market crashed. And on top of all of that, it's an Election Year. And a Leap Year. The Year of the Rat. 

June 2020 - Matthew Mancinelli details the inner workings of his Hollywood career in an article he wrote on Medium.com

July 2020

- 4KUniverse airs its first Primetime TV Special, a half-hour Fourth of July Fireworks Special in UHD. 100% of the proceeds were donated to Feeding America's COVID-19 Fund.

- 4KUniverse announces it is In Development on a New Year's Eve: Countdown to Midnight 2021 1 Hour TV Special.  

August 2020 - 4KUniverse's promotional campaign "Go to your happy place" releases two videos (Driving through the forest) and (Cowboy)

October 2020 - 4KUniverse Network Awards are announced  

2021 (Year 6)

February 2021 - 4KUniverse Multiverse, created by Matthew Mancinelli, is first announced

May 2021 - The 4KUniverse Multiverse Phases are announced

August 2021

- 4KUniverse's 'Tournament of Universes' is first announced, making 8 out of the 10 Franchise Teams available for purchase.

- Sunday comics are first released, debuting 4KUniverse Multiverse's 'Popcorn Peter and Candy Cassie' cartoon.

- 4KUniverse Celebrities page launches

September 2021

- 4KUNIVERSE Golden Princesses are first introduced

Katherine Dolls are first announced

- Welcome to Mushroomland is first announced

- The Kooky Spooky Kids are first introduced

- Pastor Jeff is created

- Goodbye Puppy is first created

- The Four Kick'n Stoic Superpowered Dragon Brothers (4K Dragon Brothers) are first announced