4KUniverse's Wonderment of Color. Coming Soon


The Niña and la Pinta Age of Discovery Ships

Santa María Cargo Age of Discovery spaceship

Giuseppe "G"

King Matthew I

Queen of the 4KUniverse Multiverse

Mr. Matthew Mancinelli

Katherine Carol 

Baby Santa Banta!

Baby Matthew

The 4KUniverse Cowboy

The Blonde Trio

Mance's Newstand & Gas

Couch Chad

God's Bath

Hell's Mountain

Lazy Larry Lagoon

4KUniverse Alpine Reservoir

4KU Army

Popcorn Peter

Rancher Rachael

Uncle & Auntie

The Goodfellas of Stars Boulevard


Laguna Wu

Planet 802

Planet T-Rex

Lucas Bruno

The Gold Asteroid

4KU Aloha Juice Bar

Coach B

The Lieutenants of Checkers

Refuge of the Holy Almighty

4KU Double Black Ski Scouts

4KUniverse's Wonderment of Color

4X Water Park

Vegan Gelato “R” Us

Captain Doctor Jean Luc 

The Madison Girls

4KUniverse Theme Park 3rd Shift Sweeper Brigade


The 1st Signal from inside the 4KUniverse

The First Image transmitted from outside the entryway into the 4KUniverse

Shredded Samurais of the Zang

The Friendly 4KUniverse Park Ranger

The Step by Step Veg Jingle

4KUniverse Multiverse

Treasure Map to 4KUNIVERSELAND

The 4KUniverse Carwash

Loveland Pass & Spaceship Rest Stop

The Mance Media Distribution Center

The Bank Wire Killer

4KUniverse Motion Picture Theatrical Logo

Grumpy, Bumpy & Stumpy

The 4KUniverse 4X Grenade Launcher

Camp Penny 

3rd West Flank 4KU Battalion

4KUniverse Riviera 

4K HDR Dam

Mountain Range of Yang

Homeward Rapids of Raúl

Sunset Martinis at Castle Monarch

100-Year Apocalypse Robots

Princess Destiny

4KU Army's Gold

Universe of Imagination  

The Phoenix

The 4KUniverse Caveman 

Greatland Fitness

Curtis Hawn

Royal Opera of 4KUniverse Multiverse

The 4KUniverse Hot 12 Models

Eddie is a Yeti

Temple of Fear

The Well of Lone Barn

The Fisherman of June Lake

Scientist Ana

Metropolis of the Amazon

King Matthew's Compound

Recruitment Officer 949

Tournament of Universes 

House of the Original Fleet Voyage


Cloak of the Emerald Giant

Giuseppe's Night Club

Silversmith's Stronghold 

Lord V

Win Casino

4KUniverse Monorail

The 4KUniverse SuperQuad Chairlift

Alpine Cable Car Tramway

Giuseppe "G"'s Classic Car Collection

Elite Frogmen Unit 4 

General Weating

Sensei Four Kay

Commander Jack

Cortés the Conquistador


Sentry Xander

The Grey Dove

House of Miracles