4K HDR Sample File (Download)



Below are Screeners for our 4K HDR Volume Deal

Password: artistspot

Mike Cannon: Life Begins (1x60)(1 Hour)

Model Turned Superstar (18x30)(9 Hours)

Plant-Based By Nafsika (12x30)(6 Hours)

The Empire of Winds (1x60)(1 Hour)

4KU Cigar Review with Matt and Mike (26x30)(13 Hours)

The Hoh Rainforest (1x60)(1 Hour)

Kaleidoscope with Kriss Kyle (1x60)(1 Hour)

4KUniverse's 4th of July Fireworks TV Special (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Mount Rainier Docu-series (3x30)(1.5 Hours)

4KUniverse's New Year's Eve 2021 TV Special (1x60)(1 Hour)

Bare Knuckle Boxing Matches (8x180)(24 Hours)

Grand Canyon Documentary (1x60)(1 Hour)

Blue World (10x30)(5 Hours)

Seven (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Cosmos Laundromat (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Seattle: The Emerald City (1x60)(1 Hour)

Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Legends (1x60)(1 Hour)

The Slow Mo Guys (30x30)(15 Hours)

The Toy Soldiers (1x223)(2 Hours 30min)

Redwood National Forest Documentary (1x60)(1 Hour)

Pro Beach Volleyball (1x180)(3 Hours)

Sports Fishing with Dan Hernandez (30x30)(15 Hours)

The Tigers of Scotland (1x60)(1 Hour)

4KUniverse 5pm Daily World News Hour (40x60)(40 hours) - Delivery starts Feb 2021 (Daily news show in 4K)

Sports Room (40x60)(40 Hours) - Delivery starts May 2021 (Sports Highlight show in 4K)

Power Suit (40x60)(40 Hours) - Delivery starts June 2021 (Stock Market show in 4K)

4KUniverse's Classic Car Rundown (8x30)(4 Hours)

A 4KUniverse Christmas Animated Fairytale (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Orange County Live (26x30)(13 Hours) - Delivery starts August 2021 (Travel Show)

4KUniverse's Nature Documentaries (100 hours) - Delivery starts July 2021

338 Hours