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This is a prestigious celebrity list and will be honored in such a way. Are you a celebrity? Great, we love you and we empathize with your sacrifice, hard work and dedication to your craft. 10 years? 15? 30-year career? You are welcomed on this page. Were you on Family Ties? Fantastic. Baywatch? Welcome, Pamela. MacGyver? A toothpick, gum, and fuzz won't solve this. In Jaws? We need a bigger boat! On Breaking Bad? We thank you. On HBO's Succession? Matthew would be grateful for a guest role. A cast member on SNL? It's Saturday night! In an old Western? Yeehaw. On the Patriots in Super Bowl LI (Feb 5, '17) against the Atlanta Falcons? (Edelman, we need footage of that catch in 4K). Good evening and welcome to 4KUniverse.

a. Reach out to 4KUniverse to submit yourself to be added to the list.

b. Upon review, and if accepted, you will be added to the list within 30 business days in the order the submissions are received.

c. Your name will be listed along with your charity of choice.

d. 4KUniverse will donate to your charity as a Thank you for being on this list.

e. Let's have fun, let's be joyful, and let's be eternally grateful.

This list will grow over time for the public to see and to fan over. It is viewed globally. Please contact us or have your representation (agent, manager, lawyer or publicist) contact us to add you to the list. The list is sorted by first come, first serve. Meaning, the celeb who contacted us first is first on the list. We posted this page on August 10, 2021. We assume this list will be indexed by Google and it will become viral over time; apart of pop-culture (like Video Killed The Radio Star on MTV (1981)). 

We think of celebrity as a movie star, TV actor, musician, artist, broadway lead, humanitarian, philanthropist, athlete, Tom Brady, and an Olympic athlete capturing a moment in time. Just like Jeff Bezos' mountain clock or Apple Trailers, we want the 4KUniverse Celebrities page to stand the test of time.

This list will spread word of mouth, could take years. The purpose of this list is to shed light on worthy causes, celebrity charities, and the celebrities themselves.

Lines are open: bizdev@4kuniversenow.com

4KUniverse Celebrities

1. Celebrity name. Charity name + link to charity.